The End of Limbo (& Short Hiatus)


I’ve had a busy week or so getting ready for the big move and seeing people before I leave, so the blog has taken a backseat.  I finished art journal #10, which I have dubbed the “Limbo Journal”.  The front page(s) were left until last… I originally had a rant written at the front from when I first started it, but things are looking a lot brighter now.  I glued in another sheet from my day of experimenting with melting crayons, used some washi tape, and stuck in my awesome Johnny Hollow sticker (art by Vincent Marcone).

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Journal Journey, Part VIII

This series is inspired by The Evolution of a Journal Keeper by Little Raven Ink.

This is the final post in the series!  After I finished my LA journal in April 2013, I started another personal journal starting around the time I moved to a small town by myself.  I used Ryman’s Soft Cover A5 Sketchbook for the first time, which has become my favourite to work in.  I like to think it’s the next best thing to a Moleskine, but I wouldn’t know because I’m a total Scrooge McDuck.  I double up the pages so I can use acrylics in it if I want and it’s just the right size for me.  I made this flip-through video after I finished it…

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Scrapbooking Overdrive

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve pretty much been scrapbooking non-stop the last few days.  I think it’s because I’m ready to leave and have nothing left to do but think about how huge a move across the world is – I’ve just needed something to keep my mind occupied!  It’s also felt like closure in some ways.  I’ve sifted through boxes of letters, stickers, badges, patches, leaflets, notes, photographs and ephemera I’ve picked up over the years, and either used them in the scrapbook or (finally) thrown stuff away.  There is still a box left of things I can’t decide on yet, but I figure they can wait another year or so.  Maybe things will be even clearer then…

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Self Preservation

I just wrote a blog piece on the thought/process behind the canvas I posted a few days ago.

I made this piece as a statement when I was feeling particularly anxious at the start of this year, and it reminds me to be strong when I’m having experiencing anxiety or doubting myself.  It’s good to have the canvas around at the moment!

I thought I would share how the canvas progressed and the process…

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Journal Journey, Part VII

This series is inspired by The Evolution of a Journal Keeper by Little Raven Ink.

As mentioned in my last post, I moved back home in September 2012 after my year in Liverpool.  I left journaling alone for a few months while I worked on a canvas, and when I picked it up again I was a bit out of practice.  The first three pages are from a journal I made out of a children’s history book I saved from an old job, but I never continued with it.  The last page(s) were in the notebook I used for my LA journal (below) but I ripped them up out of frustration…

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When you look back on the person you were in the pages of your journal, you will feel proud to know that you have grown as not only just a writer, but as a person, too. JournalingJunkie (via journaling-junkie)

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Diaries from the First World War

Diaries from the First World War


The Soul of an Officer, a sketch from one of Siegfried Sassoon’s journals, 1916. Credit: University of Cambridge Digital Library

I love looking through other people’s journals (with permission!) and I’ve been lucky enough through my work to access and help preserve some incredible diaries/sketchbooks.  As I was sifting through my e-mails this morning, I was very excited to read that the…

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What do you write in your journal? Anything! There’s no rules. Just write. Write whatever flows out of you. Write about your day. Write about what made you smile. Write about what made you sad. Write about your dreams. Write about your relationships. Talk to yourself. That’s what it’s about. Having a conversation with your Self about whatever You desire. It’s therapeutic. The conversation may hit a lot of surface topics in the beginning, but soon enough your whole story will pour out of you. You will surprise yourself - in a beautiful and revealing way. That’s why I think that everyone should keep a journal. How else are you keeping in contact with yourself? At what other point in the day are you taking the time to discover how you’re feeling? What’s troubling you? What’s provoking your fear? Where the fear comes from? Keeping a journal keeps you in close contact with your Self. It’s a discovery. A discovery that can lead to much love and much healing. There’s no rules. Enjoy the journey. Brittany Josephina (via mindofataurus)

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